Journal Log Term 3: Day 5


We had this discussion in class which talks about competencies and sharing this core competencies we have in our company, our strategically important capabilities that facilitates fulfillment in our mission or provide an advantage in the marketplace or service environment are being certified once completed the boot camp training in SAS. You will be recognized as a certified individual associated within the organization to maintain a current partner level and more if want to pursue a higher partner level and becoming expert in the application will be used and putting this in a positive light for early efforts, conducting employee’s evaluation and surveys which provides information from client and peer institutions. The prioritized needs and expectations resulting from the survey and evaluation are crucial as a basis for setting objectives and general objectives that broadly describe the results of what the organization wants to achieve in light of needs and relevant issues.

The challenging for competitors or suppliers to imitate and that may provide a sustainable competitive advantage is that, SAS tool can be used through programming operation and windows operation. It is easy to learn and provides easy option (i.e., PROC SQL, data step) for people who already know SQL and it has a good stable GUI interface in its repository. In terms of resources, there are tutorials available on websites of various universities and SAS has a comprehensive documentation. Moreover, SAS has a dedicated customer service along with the community. So if there are problems in installation or any other technical challenges, can easily reach out to them.



Knowledge Management is not just a tool but a life cycle process on which there should be capturing, organizing, refining and transfer of knowledge – a kind of knowledge sharing. Before I started to learn SAS, we had this boot camp training wherein we were chose to learn SAS and used it to the work where we will be deploy. Part of the training, they provide us manuals, policies and directory. We will not be able to understand it well if we will just rely on it so we also had training and hands-on exercises so we will be able to learn the technique and other style in coding SAS and its GUI applications.

They called this SAS University – SAS Education on which we were like students in a classroom and our instructors are those who already done in their boot camp training. After the session which only schedule from Monday to Friday, 8 am – 5 pm, we will have exams so they will know if we really understand the training they provide. Training will last only for 3-months and after that, if we are qualified and pass all the requirements, we will continue to work for them, bond for 2-years and will extend if still needed in the project. Turning my 2-years of stay from them, I asked my project manager if I can try to teach for the SAS Education but my project on where I am assigned is still on-going so I cannot simply move to another new project. But then I already do knowledge sharing whenever we have new workmates from SAS who will be deployed in our team. Since they are new, we assigned some easy task on which they can easily exploit and test using SAS. I realized, what it feels like sharing your knowledge to others. Of course, part of moving on to a new project and level, you need to transfer your knowledge on a particular project so he/she will be the next one to that because if you will be the only one who have the idea on doing that tasks then you cannot move on but will just remain on doing those tasks again and again.





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