Journal Log Term 3: Day 3


We are now in the Policy lecture and there are lot of laws concerning to IT and IS industry. I remember back when I am still new working in the company, I know that when we signed disclosure agreements we should follow the rules and regulations stated there because there will be corresponding penalties if you disobey and fail to comply with it. I thought it was just the company who formulate that rules but there I learned that they also have this set of rules which govern by law. Now, I am assigned to work in a financial government sector, part of the training is to attend their IT security awareness briefing. They discussed to us their different IT Policies like General IT Security Policy, Password Policy, and Virus Protection Policy, Policy on Internet and email and IT Security Policy for Personnel. After the discussion and reading the policy they provide on us, there are also forms need to be accomplished like, undertaking on non-disclosure, acknowledgement of IT Security Policy and IT Security Awareness Evaluation Sheet.

At that time, I am just thinking that the reason they are doing this is because we are outsource and the company we will be working with contains confidential financial data until I realized that they have ISO standards that helps to reassure consumers that products, systems and organizations are safe, reliable and good for the environment. Also benefits of an effective management system include more efficient use of resources, improved risk management and increased customer satisfaction as services and products consistently deliver what they promise.



As part of the discussion we had about leadership, I remembered what I am as a leader before on my previous work. Not that leader wherein you own the team, but I was assigned to be an assistant leader on the new project. When there are meetings with the client, I am also included to attend the discussions so when it comes to do the tasks assigned I’ll divide it to our team. Being a leader to them, I consider myself leader as a steward. If there are hard tasks on which my members still don’t know how to generate that process, aside that I will start to do it instead to make it easier, I will also teach them what are the changes I had done so that on the next process or run, they will know what are the things they will do on their own and start to think of their own solution. Also there are instances when someone is much expose on running the other applications while others don’t know much about it, I will set them as the leader for a while to teach that application to others since we are in a team and others can contribute if they are more experts to something. Another, if there are mistakes that I commit while running and generating the report, I accept the comments my team shared from there I learn what will I do and revised on my process and vice-versa if my teammates also had issues or problems on their reports, we will help each other resolving the issues or they will have the initiative how to resolve it. Lastly, we are all open for communication. If others are suggesting for something on how to do the project/tasks assigned, we let them speak also so other can also have the idea what others are thinking.

My realization being a leader is that when your teammates know that you are in the higher position, they will start to think and assume you are close to the management and conceited with others. For my team not to over think about this, I still level myself as just a member. I also don’t want to use my position to put all the works to someone, so when I distribute the tasks, I always make sure they are all divided to each members and if someone has a workload on their tasks, we skip them for this division of work. And for everyone to have a peace of mind after of all the workloads, efforts done and completed, we set schedule for their free time to have bonding and build good relationship on the team.


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