Journal Log Term 3: Day 2


I know there are challenges occurred on or before the project will start but there are also ways to control and avoid these by having a well-planned process and proper coordination with the client. We had this system implementation in my previous work and part of this is to have a new system to be used in generating report. Though we still need the previous system for data checking and validation, it will be an extra effort for us to learn and adapt the new system. Our immediate supervisor advised us that they will set schedule for our team to learn and study the system implemented but for us, we think we cannot make it since we still program and do the ongoing reports using the previous system to meet its regular deadline. So our project manager and immediate supervisor decided to assigned new consultants instead who have skills already on using the system implemented to avoid time delays. The conflict occurred was when they re-assigned previous consultants to other projects and assigned new 2 consultants for the position of using the new system implemented because the other reports were migrated already as part of the implementation.

There I realized that the reason the new system implemented was to decrease delays of the report submission since using the previous system for other reports that has big data cause lag and to have efficient checking and validation on data. Also an implementation will not be successful if end users don’t embrace the new system. As part of this, training and tools are keys to user adoption, as is establishing a champion’s network from within the user community that will advocate for the project and user adoption before, during, and after the implementation. Whether it may cause conflict for other factors as long as the system is already implemented, this will be the priority.



We had this topic about “The Bone of Contention”; the story was about feeling demotivated in work and can cause conflict on the relationship with other people or co-workers. From this, I remembered my last experience on my previous work. I was already on my 6-months working on the project assigned to us and when we are on our 6-months there will be an evaluation so that our project manager will know if we perform well in our work. Sad but my partner on that project did not meet the client expectation and he need to go back to our main office to have some examination for his behavior. While the project is still ongoing, our project manager needs to assign a new consultant for me to have a new partner on the project. I never thought that the new member on our team will still be my batch mate from boot camp. We were not that close way back then but we talk a bit about new lectures and games on PC. When our project manager introduce him to me, I said that we were batch mates from boot camp, then our project manager just smile and said that this will be another good start then. He is nice when it comes to work since he is really sophisticated to all things though there are problems that disgusted me where he don’t consider others if they are busy or not as long as you need to accommodate him first, he will not respond right away and say something negative before he will start the task you assigned to him and his wheezy breathing. I assume that maybe he has asthma and just consider his wheezing but for the other workloads you will assigned to him, I just can’t stop it even though he claimed that he graduated in a well-known school. So when our next evaluation came, I include these remarks on his performance.

When the results came, our project manager talked to us personally. I expect that my batch mate will react on my remarks I gave to him, he also asked our project manager why my grade was higher than him though he passed the evaluation and he is just new to the team, there I discussed it to him calmly and he just said “okay”. I know he felt emotional inside but after that, the week after, he became good and always ask me first if I’m busy so he can proceed to ask on his question regarding on the report. It just went well and we became buddies for almost 1 year just until there was another new project and I was the one who re-assigned first, now we both have these different projects but the friendship we build since we were batch mate and work mate is still there and we respect each other no matter what.


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