Journal Log Term 3: Day 1


It is now my 3rd term in my Master’s Degree, yet I feel that the higher level it is the more and more complex it becomes to face the new subjects but I still believes that doing the right attitude and behavior will help and guide you in your journey. Sad that we are now only 4 in our batch, others decided to shift on other Master’s Degree course while other need to undergo treatment and will enroll on the next term.  While on class, excited on my first day, I did not realize that our 3rd term for others are another new degree for other new enrollees because it’s June and this is the enrollment month. There I remember that I am a late enrollee back then. So we had another new set of classmates. I don’t know how should I behave but I still remain calm, introduce myself to others and share what I experienced on my previous last term. I am hoping to meet new one who are just the same old bracket with me but then, I know only few on my age take Master’s Degree and mostly of those who took up this degree already have stable positions and experience in their expertise. Though, it’s a way that we can also learn from them and share their experiences.

Hope to have a good experience on this term and enjoy the lessons we learn along the way.



Welcome to Human Capital course. When our professor gave us the course syllabus, while I’m reading it I started to think more of it as a psychological learning behavior. Though maybe because it topics also about human and their involvement with the society, company or environment they are working with. In the class, there I see my old classmates on my previous term and new faces as well. At my back, I thought we also have a new seat-in professor but when my classmate beside me said that she is also our classmate, I was amazed on how she speak and participate in the class. She looks like in her middle age already. At that time, I did not have the chance to know her more but there was this one moment wherein we did not have class but still I went to the school just to stay there for a while.  I went out 12noon and wait for the shuttle, while waiting someone ask to seat beside me outside the school because she will be waiting for her driver, so then I gave the other side of the seat. Upon looking at her, I started to ask her if she is my classmate on this subject, there she also think but then she said, how should I have my Master’s Degree already, I just only look like a senior high. I don’t know if that would be a compliment but I just laugh then and say thanks. Then she ask me a follow-up questions on what is my work and where do I work? And I said, I am a programmer working on a consulting company providing software as a service. And then she names someone and asks me if I know that person, I said yes and that person she asked is our director in our company. There she ask me to send her regards to him and she also shared that she still remember those time when both them are close to each other talking about business and investments.

There I realized that it’s good how you also interact with other people, you will know some of their personalities and how they act with others. I guess experiencing this is a part of my MSHCMAN this term also hoping for good results on this subject.



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