MSSTRAM Session 1: Understanding Strategy and Information System

Welcome to my 2nd term in Master Degree.  I never thought that my first day in school will be easy, well quite easy. But then our professor on our previous term will still be our professor this term. Topics for session 1 were discussed right away. The groups and final requirements were also explained, for us not to cram and to pass the requirements need on this subject.

On half of our class discussion, I learned that strategy is not just simply achieving goals but creating an action plan. Strategy is the “how” while goal is the aspiration on where you like to get.

suntzuI heard the art of war before on our history classes’ way back in college. Art of war is a famous essay from Sun Tzu and it’s still used as a basic text in military tactics and strategy. Then reminiscing it again, there are lots of brainy quotes from Sun Tzu (he is known as the military strategist, the art of war book), and one of this he said that, “Know your enemy and know yourself and you can fight a hundred battles without disaster.”  From this, it actually means, know yourself, your strengths and weaknesses and know your enemy strengths and weaknesses

There are lots of approaches to strategies. And our first group assignment was about the PESTLE analysis (Political, Economic, Socio Cultural, Technological Environment, Legal and Environmental factors affecting an organization) and we chose Airline (Local) as our topic.

You may view our output on this link, PESTLE Analysis – Airlines PH


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