MSORMAN Session 6: Social Media Tools/Analytics and Business Analytics

Few days to go and Christmas is on its way already. Merry Christmas and Advance Happy New Year to all! Have you already post your wish lists on your social media networks? Who knows, your Secret Santa might be one of your friends or stalker on your social media online account. Ho-Ho-Ho


While on class, there we had discussions regarding to this new applications online. The Social Media Tools/Analytics. There are lot of these applications online, mostly are paid version but you can try some open-source and trial versions. Along with this, attached here are some of the applications you can use for you to track your trend based on what you posts, follow and many more you do on your social network sites all over the past years. So how does it feels like? That you can also be able to see the sentiments of your friends based on what they had posted online. And more with this tools, you can easily share and filter the news you want to share whether it’s about technology, movies and something about Christmas.


Social Media Tools

Social Media Tools – Write Up

Analytics is now becoming a trend since social media/networking online gets lot of new users everyday users would like to know what are on the top lists of discussions that is why there are also hashtag to know what are the topics online people talks about.

Big and big data are created not just online, but also through mobile and other services. So for this to track you cannot just simply do excel and compute. Tools such as business analytics enable to perform this process. And of course there are lot of business analytics software that can be found online, you can chose what the applications that you might like to use are.

Business Analytics

Business Analytics really change the modern world not just for business sector but also through this social media/network society. Can easily do research and development, marketing/branding comparison and track the on-trend data for future predictions. Though still putting lot of these data online, we must still make sure what we share and posts since our privacy can be access without knowing what the risk to this kind of new application are and tools being developed.


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