MSORMAN Session 4: Individual Work Presentation

How was the long weekend everyone? Been busy on our final output to present since December is also fast approaching. Since there are schedule dates for each presenter, here are the topics that were discussed already.

  • Wearable Technology
  • Virtualization (Desktop and Server)
  • ITIL – Information Technology Infrastructure Library


Wearable Technology: It really amaze me how the technology evolves. Well I thought human and animals are only on this scheme but technology and inventions as well. From small to big innovations, these technologies are considered as companion in life. Whether they are about for entertainment, education, medical and other personal purposes, they are all have this kind of distinct used in the society. Still taking considerations on using these kind of technology are important since there are risks and harmful effect for over used.

I like being exposed to these new technologies but mostly are expensive so I cannot have that chance to explore it unless there are some of my friends on which I know have the capacity to have this kind of new items, I asked permission if I can try to use it and know its process.

Then there I will share it to my other friends who also have that idea with that kind of item.

Virtualization (Desktop and Server): I only used this kind of process before on one of my subject way back in college to pass my final exam. Few of those virtualization I had the chance to explore are Red hat, Oracle Virtual Box and VMware. When I need to access my PC at home or office – vice versa, I also used Team Viewer. Then there it goes I can also go virtual not only on PCs but also using my smartphone/mobile.

While going through on that discussion on class, still there are lot of Virtualization. Some are paid while other are open source. But still paid and open source have a big difference when it comes to their usage.

If you really want a secure and private connection then go and buy for that paid version but if you just want to explore the use of virtualization for educational or personal used then there are lot of open source you can find online.

You might like to view some of my blog posts here that have this kind of virtualization process, feel free to visit this link, Dare: Will you be a Hacker?

ITIL:  I heard this before on my previous subject still way back on my college days. Our professor shared some idea regarding this on our Project Management subject. ITIL – Information Technology Infrastructure Library is not intended for the company itself but for the individual employees. This is an advantage or their visa on working beyond expectation. I am thinking of taking a review on this then an exam after to have this certificate in the near future maybe. But still need time and consideration on this since review and exam are also expensive.

Offices located here in the Philippines are only consulting and third party. Also different price ranges and depends on the company where you want to attend your ITIL classes – online or classroom practices.


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