MSORMAN Session 2: Individual Work

So we had this another individual work today, but this time it is about the company where we are part of. While doing some research about the company I chose, I had some doubt with my answers since I just asked this on my classmates and then she does not elaborate it to me.

When I was rushing myself to go on my first subject, my classmate asked me if I already print out my assignment given to us. I had my files on my Google shared drive, so I went to the printing office on our school and print out my copies.

Our professor asked us to submit it on his class but then I’m still not sure on my output. While I’m also reviewing my soft copy, I never thought I will be the first one to be called on class to explain the answers I put into my assignment. I just simply discuss what I had submitted. Not knowing if that is right or wrong. Our instructor told me that I might not understand what the assignment is given to us. So he return my paper and asked me to redo it again. But then, seriously, I really don’t know what it means on that another individual work.

We were all 8 on his class, and only 2 of my classmates got it right. So there they explained sample about their company and there I got an idea what should I input on our assignment.

Well after all it is a learning process. I made a mistake but it does not mean, I will do that mistakes all the way. Mistakes are also part of learning wherein you can do it right next time.

Now I summarize the data I gathered and research on the internet about our company. It is now the time to delete the previous assignment I had done which has wrong output. While doing some research, I realized that there are things on which I never know our company have. When it comes to our company web-based portal, there are tabs has information about the companies using our software. How much they invest and locations not only in Local region but also Global.

I never thought I can even access that just using my account. (I know our account has limited access and privileges on that portal). There are tabs I can exploit but of course I must not do anything that can harm important data.


This individual work gives us an awareness that It is your right to know what is inside your company and how you can progress and help with the company assets.

Since this has information that should not be discuss in public, I cannot share this here. I hope you gain something reading another blog post of mine. Except on the company where I work, of course this should be set to private.

Happy Reading!


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