MSORMAN Session 1: Fundamentals of Organization and Management in the New Economy

Started to make a new blog entry but this time, articles that will be posted here are about the sessions, lectures and new learning we had on our class discussions. For now, the topic is about the organization and management in the new economy.

Before the class discussion start, our professor asked us to choose what symbol define our character. There are 5 shapes to choose. I chose square. There are others who also chose square, while some are triangle, and zigzag but our classmates in that subject who are much older than me, chose circle.


a. Square: The tireless worker. Exhibits hard work, diligence, perseverance, and always strives for completion.
b. Triangle: This form symbolizes leadership. Main ability of triangles is to focus on goals and deeply and quickly analyze situations.
c. Zigzag: The Zigzag is a symbol of creativity. The Zigzag focuses on imagery.

While the traits are explained to us well by our professor. When he shared what does circle means, posted on the presentation was “SEX”. Those who chose circle as their symbol just laugh and said they knew that psychological test already. But that was a joke actually the meaning of circle is,

d. Circle: The Circle is a symbol of harmony. Those who choose this shape are interested in good interpersonal relations.

Maybe getting to know well with other people but it can also be link to that kind of level. Hahahaha we do not know. Just saying.

After taking the icebreaker joke, we started to proceed on the real topic. Topics are about achieving organizations purpose (Planning, Organizing, Leading and Controlling).

Getting to know the functional areas of organization (Organization, Marketing, Production, Sales and Distribution, Admin Logistics and Finance).

Level of Organization (Top Level, Middle Level and Low Level).

The difference between traditional and emerging view.

Significant components of organization (Philosophy, Logistic, Value system/Culture, Technology, Structure and Facilities).

And lastly, the competency requirements in the new economy.

After the discussion, our professor group us into two groups for the self-assessment exercise.

I was belong to group B and the statements we need to define are from items number 11-20.

But still we are required to answer all the items from 1-20. Here I will share to you what are the statements given in the exercise.

1. Vision / Mission statement is a paradox to new economy.
2. “Customer is King” is a paradox to new economy.
3. Cross functional team are effective and represent good form of organizational structure.
4. Workers are more interested in remuneration than challenging function.
5. Management should discourage informal group of workers in an organization.
6. IT Leaders should spend more time with colleagues, partners, and customers than with IT staff and vendors.
7. IT Leaders should have a voice at the executive table at which key business decision are made.
8. Leaders are more effective if they are more concerned about people than task.
9. Leaders are more effective if they focus their efforts on improving external-facing processes than business functional processes.
10. Organizations are better off if CIO’s reports to CFO.
11. IT-enabled innovations should be the primordial concern of management.
12. Organization could careless in understanding business complexities and processes than developing technology innovation and strategy.
13. Organizational initiative successes are dependent on technology.
14. Communications and relationship building skills are more important than technology skills.
15. Service level agreements are measures of inter-department performance and should be treated separately with the goals and objectives of the organization.
16. Measures should be established across organization and to all departments to facilitate organizational effectiveness and productivity.
17. IT Leaders should focus on technological innovation than delivery of business outcomes through IT Services.
18. Analytic is one area where CIOs can play a central role.
19. In the new economy, IT productivity is not created by reducing the cost of IT per income of revenue, but by increasing revenue per income of IT spending.
20. IT Role in an organizations is viewed as “cost center” and “obstacle to productivity” than “business partners” and “service providers”.

Feel free to comment your ideas whether you believe if it is always true, mostly true, mostly false or always false then justify your answers.

To view my answers on this items, you may click this link from my Google shared drive.
SHARE_Self-Assessment Exercise


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