Been looking somewhere to go. Far on this journey where no one can follow. I come to chase you after then will hit the road like the car crashing into it and take the deepest path until life fades. Seeing the light where it strikes to those both ceilings. Moving like it never ends until it stops and looks onto you. See this all, this scenario where you will remember the best part in your life.

Darkness reign and emptiness shallows. Violet hill into the smoke mountain. Yellow curves and straight lines climb. Strange at is seems as the smiles turn into sadness. Clowns laughs as they conquer the hall and everything remains silent as they walk along.

Remember what your parents told you to pray at night and keep everything away if they are busy. Things gets into it and you stay alone in your room as you see everything keeps moving. Do not forget to turn off the lights, switch it off before you go to sleep.

Chains and mask are all in themed. Painting all the room black and hide as long as you can. Hear those who whisper and say your name. Count all those shadows passes through and believe you are one of them. Society predicts what are the best; believe if you want to but you cannot blame what really interest you most.

Sirens sounds are around. Know where to go now or you stay on the corner where you are hiding and let those who found you predict what your future will be. Keep calm there is nothing to worry about. Choices are built to do what saves you. Life ahead is not here landed but will rise.

Blood flow down thicker, cannot follow the pulse where it will be. Crazy as the mind goes. Will be left running and running to this world. Seek what can help you. Feel the snooze of every mules. Dizzy as it gets, hallucinate into different dimension.

There is somewhere, and somewhere can be your own world.


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