An Epic Scenario at MRT

It is not that I’m against to MRT but it is cool when you are late and you are running out of time, taxi are all allocated and jeep were all full at that moment, you don’t have any choice but to commute in a faster way.

I heard a lot of stories and their experiences when they ride in MRT. All those sharing are composed of positive and negative stories.  There are also cases on which it became their moral lesson riding in that kind of transportation.

Back before on college that is where I became immune in riding MRT because during high school days, going to school is just a walking distance habit. Internship as part of my college days, our school partnership companies, students who will undergo on their internship will assigned to different locations in metro manila. Some might be working in Makati, Taguig or just near in our school – for open source projects.

On that time, I was assigned to work at Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. I surrendered my 6-months + 1-month (project was extended) internship with the company I work there. Every morning when I was still working there, I usually rode MRT from Taft-Ayala then bus going to BGC. That was became my daily routine. I never experienced anything negative on which there will be someone steal on your pocket, you will notice your bag was screwed and your important things were already loss or anything mysterious and to be afraid off. Negative scenarios that I met might be how the authorities handle the routine of those MRT, long line of people waiting for the next train and jump pack of people coming in and out.

I still prefer riding in MRT since I always came late to my internship before and I want to avoid traffic that will cause me 2-3 hours of waiting on a bus just to get home.

Part of this, I started to realize to keep money and buy a car so that I will not join to those lot of people riding in MRT and to have a personal car to use in kind of business trip and family gatherings. After I graduated, I started to work right away and still the kind of transportation I used to ride on is MRT.

Whenever my friends share some stories on me on how some thief stole their phones and wallets on their bags and pockets, I feel strange and become aware when riding in MRT. I never experienced that on my part until one morning, when I’m going to the office somewhere in Boni, I plugin my earphone and played some music. When I’m near at the station, I stand and ready my things to check if I miss something. Still lot of people are coming in and out, I didn’t notice that my earphone lost its connection to my phone and when I look for my phone in my pocket, it was not there anymore. I just realized it when I was in the escalator already, so I jumped out of that escalator and excused everyone. There I tried to catch up the MRT where I stop and never care about the people passing by. When I came back inside the MRT I stop, I started to yell and said that, “I forgot my phone here; I know it’s still here inside.” The door is trying to approach that it is going to close but still I’m waiting for my phone to recover and give it back, (well I know, this is sound stupid because some may not be helpful and will never give back the item for them not to be accused), when the door is going to close, someone (a man whose age might be around 30’s) give back my phone and said that it was accidentally drop off. I thought it will never really return back to me but then I said thanks but the door of the MRT was already closed, but still forcing it to open, the door cooperate and still I got my phone back at that station where it loss.

There I realized how important to be alert and mindful of your belongings. I will never play some music again inside the MRT to avoid wiring pulling when the people comes in and out unless it is wireless, but still it’s better not to, to avoid those kind of accidents again.

I’m still thankful there are still good people giving consideration to others and back the things they loss. I know in my part that it is my fault why it happened, I don’t know what will I do after if my phone never return back since all of my contacts are there and my phone was not mine, I just borrowed it from my mom. My mom will surely yell at me and scold me on that case. I know this is not actually an article I should put too much effort to post and share but still I’m thankful for what happen at that time experiencing an epic scenario at MRT.


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