What web browser are you into?

Geek Lifestyle
Geek Lifestyle

It so good to be back again on blogging but I’m tired on blogging about emotional feelings and what I’m into now is about computer – me as being geek. Well, I do admit I’m a geek since then. “A geek inside of me” HA-HA how cool is that?

Been so nervous these past few days, maybe some stuff I’ve been thinking about all day long and someone whom really do passed by on my mind. HA-HA so sweet. LOL 🙂

But whatever is it, I still don’t have any idea why I’ve becoming so nervous even though I don’t drink too much coffee. I prefer to be more into chocolate and chocolate drinks. So after having those kinds of strange feelings, I realized what if I just post another article instead. Maybe my nervous I feel right now will just be easily fade away.

What I’m going to share now are about web browser and how you can tweak it to make it faster – as what they’d said and add some fun on it.


One of the best web browser I’m using since then from the start I’m still learning basic skills in computer is the “Internet Explorer”. I used it more often since it can handle ActiveX script and settings. It’s also the major web browser you’ll see if you’re going to install freshly Windows-based OS on your PC.Before it’s quite hard to make new tab on it especially on old windows OS like windows 98, 2000. But on how the Windows update its OS, they also update the bundle packages on it like IE. There were also times that when I make a new tab, a new colour of tab will also display. (I’m not sure if this is the reason my PC before keep on logging when I entered a lot of new tabs).

Right then, I discover Mozilla Firefox. What I loved about it is that you can add themes and customize it. Using Persona, you can change the background of your Mozilla Firefox and you can develop your own style that you can share also with others.

Mozilla Firefox
Mozilla Firefox

More about Mozilla Firefox is that, you can actually tweak its content using about:config command. I never knew this when I was in my secondary level until I get bored because of our internet so I decided to search how to make this Mozilla browser browse faster. There are a lot of results online about this but mostly of the site that I visited just to configure and tweak Mozilla Firefox are in these sites: (This will help you about this kind of Mozilla tweaking 🙂 )

  1. A handful of Firefox tweaks that will double your browser speed.
  2. Ultimate Collection of Best “about:config” Tweaks for Mozilla Firefox.
  3. The 12 Best Firefox About:Config Performance Tweaks.

Mozilla Firefox was part also of the web browser in LINUX like Ubuntu and RedHat. Since you can tweak it’s about:config and mostly hackers do tweaking their application for some hacking reasons.


Other web browsers that came on my way of searching and browsing online are the Safari and Opera.

I just tested them to see the difference of it to other web browsers like Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.Safari is part of Mac and some LINUX special OS platform. It quite faster also but I haven’t got that chance to use it on daily browsing. It’s just that the environment and design of Safari web browser is like in 3D design. If you have bookmarks and history that you didn’t erase and clear cache yet – there’s a landscape design that will show to you your earlier history you access on the browser.

Opera web browser on the other hand, has multiple functionalities. You can also speed up the internet up to 16X if you want by just simply clicking the buttons on it. But of course, it will still be based on your internet speed. I’d tried it before using our DSL connection. I clicked the most speed and VIOLA! I had faster downloading speed streaming and watching movies online. But if you have slow speed internet access, better not to change some tweaking speed of it or else you’ll get much more slow downloading process.


When it comes to mobile, I do prefer to use Opera mini because it’s really faster than any other mobile web browser set on the phone. Even you’re not using Wi-Fi and just accessing using your mobile prepaid or post-paid, you can really browse faster using it. When it comes to videos or streaming – of course, it will still be based on how fast your internet connection is.

Lastly, the Google Chrome – I never heard this since I was in my secondary level. What I know is that, Google is a search engine. It’s usually the first address or link I used when I start to open a web browser. My friends just recommend it to me so I started to use it and compared to the other web browsers I used before. There are really different things to consider when it comes to beta, dev or the official released. Like Mozilla, if it’s still in beta version, you might still meet some bug issues and your browser will do crash and ask you if you want to send a report. This is also what happens if you used Google Chrome beta or dev version. So usually, I download the files which look like these: (Google Chrome 29.0.1547.76) or (Firefox 24.0).

Google Chrome
Google Chrome

Google Chrome is fast actually, you can play games online without any hassle on downloading its data. I just get bored of it when I tried to download files. On which also happens on other web browser, because when there are times you want to download something for about more than minutes or an hour, then suddenly your internet connection was cut, the remaining process will be interrupted and will be downloaded but failed. Unless you pause it like on Mozilla then re-continue it once you’re internet connection goes back to normal.

So when I’m downloading big amount of data online I’ll make sure my internet is securely accessible or there’s a torrent file and I can maximize it speed on torrent applications.

So what browser are you into? I created a poll survey that I hope you can also share some of your ideas with me. It’s nice to gather information for educational purposes. For others to learn and know also what they are up to.


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