Hacking: Helpful or Harmful?

Question MarkEvery action on which human or a person do has its own group whether you consider it good or not. Hacking as our topic also has different areas or levels. But from this point, from your own opinion, where can you consider hacking as an ethical or unethical? Do you consider hacking to be helpful or harmful?

Let us start analyzing these things first. On our earlier articles, those hackers who are aligned in the group of white hat hackers are considered to be ethical since they are the information and cyber security specialists who are well-versed in system examination, penetration testing, and many other network analysis approaches that guarantee the safety and integrity of many a company’s information system.

Another one which is the antonym of this is the black hat hacker. Under this group, they are also known as crackers or dark-side hackers. Crackers break things and they are computer security hackers that break into computers and networks or also create computer viruses. This definition was all came from our previous blog post. When you joined this white hat hacker to black hat hacker, possible, this will become a gray hat hacker on which in the hacking community, a grey hat refers to a proficient and tech-savvy hacker who is ambivalent enough to sometimes use his program manipulating skills to act illegally in either good or ill will. Their intentions for hacking don’t usually delve into any of the traditional well intention or maliciously driven extremes; that is, they may or may not commit crimes from time to time during the course of their digital undertakings, so they’re not exclusively indulging on any one type of activity like their security-improving or network-destroying counterparts would.

So if you will define hacking and analyze it if this will be considered as helpful or harmful, these hackers falls into different areas.

While doing and preparing this new blog post, I asked some of my social media friends if hacking for them can be consider as helpful or harmful and why. So I started to put a survey and share it to them and some of their answers are:





For this certain kind of reasons, still hacking is a form of an illegal action but if you have that ethical mind and consider the possible consequences that you may meet that is the only way you can answer if hacking is helpful in the way how you used it or harmful in some other way around.


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