Dare: Will you be a Hacker?

After discussing some of my post here about hacking, I have not given any ideas yet about how to hack and some tools to use when you are doing this kind of action. So before going to somewhere else that can lead to some destruction, no I don’t mean that thing. What I mean is that before going to any discussion, let me share you some of my adopted skills I also learned online, through video tutorials, web forums and other social media sites. I do not own any of this skills and I thank the web hacking community for sharing this ideas also to others who want to learn this kind of learning. I only use hacking as an ethical hacking and for good stuff. Yet sometimes for some reasons which are hard to explain.


If you are using Windows operating system or a Linux-based OS, or even both if you want, you can see a lot of applications online and some of them are in categorized. It can be for school purposes, system of your computer (i.e. antivirus, speed up your PC) and other application such as for games or just for own purpose to explore it and many more. One of my used applications when it comes to hacking is Back Track Linux.


wirelessIt is a Linux-based OS but the only difference of it when it comes to other usual Linux OS is that, it has a built-in hacking tools that you can use on different areas. Back Track Linux on which you can check its full meaning online has different versions. As of now, the latest version is the release 3. You can download the application on its website. But the one I’m using now is the release 1, the KDE type. Since the release 3, well I don’t know if it has a problem but I can’t configure my hacking tools correctly so I started to downgrade my version then all works fine after using the release 1. One of my favorite tools about it is the hacking of WiFi whether it is a WEP or WPA format. 

If you only know the commands since you will deal always on the terminal once you used it, you can start decoding the WiFi you want to get access to. Other tool of the Back Track Linux is getting the credentials of other users.


Like yamasone of the applications you can use right away if you download the .sh file and all the working tools beside you.  Its purpose is to get the credentials of the IP address you are attacking to. Just make sure the firewall on the persons PC is enable. Because once the secured antivirus like Kaspersky is installed on it, it can deny all the access trying to control to your PC. This will enable you to see what credentials the user type and see the username and password. Knowing this kind of activities and tools like wireshark are things we learn from our previous subject, Information Security. Our professor always thought us that we only use this hacking for school purposes only and will not go beyond other illegal activities.

Windows-8vbWhile using this application, I can still access my Windows 8 Pro OS. The reason about this is that, I only use Oracle Virtual Box when I want to use my Back Track Linux. Just download the Back Track Linux OS, install it in your Virtual Box, run it, make sure you have all the working tools, the internet access and a WiFi connection then done. Watch and search different kind of utilities you want to use in Back Track, explore it and you can be a hacker. Not that pro hacker but at least you know what other hacking tools hacker used to hack. 

After sharing this, how can you consider yourself now? Do you want to start this activity right away and be hacker one day? As what Back Track Linux said that “the quieter you become, the more you are able to hear.”


2 Replies to “Dare: Will you be a Hacker?”

    1. Wow! Thank you for your time reading some of my blog post here. Keep reading. 🙂
      Been busy this past few weeks. Haven’t think another idea to post. Aside from posting information regarding on my Masters Degree journey, maybe if you might like to suggest some stuff to work around, we can make new topics here.

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