The Black Hat: As learning for Evil?


Welcome to our new topic and it is about Black Hat Hacker. From the previous article I posted here, it is about the white hat hacker who are called as the good guys on which they hack to name security weaknesses and they expose the security flaws in such a way as to alert the owner that there is a breach so they can fix it before a black hat hacker can take advantage of it. So from this, black hat hackers are considered as the bad guys. Based on the Security News: What’s a Blackhat Hacker?, this group of hackers are also known as crackers or dark-side hackers. Crackers break things and they are computer security hackers that break into computers and networks or also create computer viruses. But why do they do this? What do you think are the reasons why the hackers on this group use learning for evil? Let’s try to go for some further research.



I love to watch some good movies when I am not busy. Usually when there is no exam or class on the next day. Some of it are kind of intelligence type, something suspense and have some strategic analysis on their mission and more into technology. Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol which was released last 2011 is one of those movies I watched and it is really exciting because you can see how those gadgets can be used as a way to hack some information and to get the files they needed on their mission. They used the lot of Apple products and they installed applications on it to be able to use those devices for the attack. As the new chapters of our life continues, we gained more and more knowledge each day and we cannot choose right away if we are going to use it on good or bad way but still we have our own choice and will. We also think about the consequences what might happen to us if we are going to do those things which are bad. But did you imagined what are running on those black hat hackers mind when they are attacking systems and other government properties?  They inflict major damage on both personal computer users and large organizations by stealing personal financial information, compromising the security of major systems, or shutting down or altering the function of websites and networks based on the definition of What does Black Hat Hacker mean? by Technopedia.


Some of the black hat hackers are teenagers and the way how they used their skills are still in the process of lack of intelligence. They create malicious malwares that attack other system and steal some information through web. With the use of internet and technology they can even access and manipulate information in each company’s databases. There are also some black hat who are wannabes and from this they can get training about their skills on some underground hacker forums so we can see, we really cannot control those skills hackers on their learning ways of becoming a black hat hacker because they can find other organization and meet people who are also interested on this so while the training continues, many becomes more knowledgeable to become notorious black hat hacker. There is an article by Anthony M. Freed  Black Hat Wannabes Get Training on Underground Hacker Forums. Here other hacking tools and how they can be used are shared to those members who want to become black hat hackers. It’s like turning your skills into a full-time criminal operation just as what Mr. Freed said on his article, “Underground forums are providing education on how to become a better, and more malicious, attacker. Researchers combed one of the largest known hacker forums plus a few smaller ones and discovered that nearly one-third of all the discussion threads were dedicated to hacker training, relaying tips and tricks of the trade for those seeking to sharpen their skills and build some street cred.”



While searching some good articles to read for my new post, I found a list of Top 10 Notorious Black Hat Hackers. Their pictures and description about their selves were listed on that website. It is amazing how they do those hacking from teens to adults. I don’t really admire them to the point I also want to become like them but from the skills they had. They really know how to get access to and gain information just from the codes and networks. Yes they earned the lot of money and skills but mostly of the black hat hackers found their selves guilty and in prison. They spend mostly of their lives facing the consequences they have made. But not all black hat hackers really ended up like that because there are some who landed legit jobs in their own career path of choice. This is from the Mashable website on which Jolie O’Dell posted an article about How 7 Black Hat hackers Landed Legit Jobs. So from this, white hat hackers are also black hat hackers before but they just chose not to be black hat hackers forever. They got hired as IT security consultant and now doing their skills to secure information security of the company.


I believed on what Partha Dasgupta wrote on his article Bad Hacker, Good Hacker“The attacks on the Internet are made possible by an ancient design error. The Internet was not designed to be a large public network. It was designed to be a closed network used by trustworthy people inside the US military and universities. Today the vulnerabilities are causing heartburn for all those who depend on the network. The hackers are running amok, and the fear of legal action is not enough of a deterrence (the challenge is to cause harm and not get caught). The solution? Who knows?” From his statement I can say that, with this kind of black hat hackers running on cyber world, we cannot really find what can be the solution because we don’t even know to whom we are going to believe and put more trust about security and privacy but for only reasons why this people form is also because of what the society has. It’s not the society that dictates but the scenarios on which came to their minds and set to live on their own rules.


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