Moments in June

June 6, 2013


Started to get back into blogging again and this time it hard for me to have my topic to discussed. It’s been a week since I finished my bachelor’s degree. Yeah I graduated already and after 2 days from graduating, moment, here come another task, another level to conquer HAHAHA it is my new work, career. My work before on my previous job, (well its part of my internship) my place there was QA Engineer. Then my first work, still somewhat the same on my place before but on this, I am now a Software QA Engineer. For this few weeks of training, I’m learning the company information, what does the software QA really do and what are those task aligned to them. I’ve been reading lot of PDF and Documentation. There are times I also save some manuals on my Dropbox so I will have my copy on my smart phone so when I’m free and not in the office, I can scan and continue to read the remaining pages on it. Still I can’t understand some terms on those resources, so I just Google them and search it on the internet. There I found out that there are some employees who are against the company I’m aligned with. Well while talking to those employees and teammates I am now assigned to, they shared that the training here before was just reading all those stuff and if you don’t understand some of it you can ask it on your other team members. But this is just the first time that they started to invent this so-called training to those newly hired employees and discuss to them the terminologies and other related documentation for those terminals.

It’s not hard for me actually to travel here from my place since  the used of MRT for convenient transportation even though you can’t really remove the scenario that there are the lot of people who also ride on MRT that’s why you need to understand and accept the fact that you just need to wait for another MRT if all of those MRT’s that came first were already full and occupied. When it comes to food, there are times I bring my lunch but when I started to wake up early and of course my parents are so busy on their own business, I also copy what some employees do. (Request food from the main source HAHAHAHA) There is what they called “Ate” who deliver foods in the office. She will send you a message on your mobile phone about the foods to be served on that day and you will receive it soon and you’ll pay after lunch. (Around 4-5pm).

There are times I’m having some second thoughts about my job. Well it’s not that I’m quitting but it’s because I’m not really aligned into programming especially like C/C++ but with the help of manuals and doing some research, I can still cope with that. I asked our Senior Software Engineer if he also do programming about C/C++, there he said, it’s just a minimal coding since mostly of the task which are about programming usually done on the OS Dev side. There were only some on our team who do those programming and some are still trainees. At that moment, I’m still confused but still I’m thinking in the positive side. HAHAHAHA

While working, I missed my old times habit in our house, just playing some dance revo in my room or keyboards (piano) instead, watching some anime videos/series and reading manga’s. The networks in the office are blocked on those sites which are having videos and explicit sites (like YouTube. etc). But to other sites, you can get access to it. I control myself on doing that in the office since it is really not allowed and the network bandwidth used are controlled in the IT Dept. So what I usually do is checking emails and do some research about the manuals I read.

I have a missing medical clearance in my job requirements. I plan to work on it this weekend’s but our office will having an outing. Maybe on the next weekends (just thankful that our HR is not that strict when it comes to requirements, just need to follow-up) Our most head in our team is now here and still I don’t know where will I start again, maybe I just really need to finish reading the training manuals and be ready on the upcoming new projects. Need to be kind to those employees HAHAHAHA they’re the people who will help you if you have some problems about the testing.


June 7, 2013


I met my friend today, and there it goes, she saw my new hairstyle. She just said that when we met, I always changed my looks to her. But my looks and style still quite okay to her. (Yeah, better HAHAHA). I changed my hairstyle last night, wherein from straight to curly hair. HAHAHA it was an epic scenario last night in the salon/parlor since the one who fix my hair was gay. There I showed him the photo of the hairstyle I want to have then he asked me if I am the one who’s in that photo, I said no, it was my boyfriend I said then he really insisted that it was me so I didn’t say anything after that. He told me I’m too handsome on that photo maybe I have a lot of girlfriends. (If he only knows, I am also gay in my style and dimension. HAHAHA) Anyway, back to that epic salon, I was also with my mom at that time (my grandmother), there she also shared to those stylist that I graduated already and already have my job as a Software QA Analyst/Engineer. The one who’s in charge on my hair was amazed and he told me, he wish to be a girl so I can court him (HAHAHA can’t imagine myself doing that even he’s a girl or a man already).He said, he wants a partner who also has a stable job so that both can help in terms of financial status. There I just asked him if he’s already taken and if he has a love life (just a question, doesn’t mean anything beyond HAHAHA). He said, he’ still waiting for the right guy. HAHAHA cool isn’t it? While that stylist shared those stories to me, my mom doesn’t react and just laugh a bit. Oh how mothers really react when those questions on their children. HAHAHA epic!

Me and my friend (my girl classmate), went to the church after we went to the mall today. There I bought another item. (That girl, yeah when we met, I always bought something for myself HAHAHA). I consumed 3 hours just for the day we met. After that, I went back in the office then she went to meet her friend in another mall. I enjoyed my time when I’m with her. (Again, doesn’t mean anything beyond HAHAHA). Maybe this coming next week, we’ll meet again but were getting many HAHAHA we’ll meet also our other classmates. Let’s enjoy and have some fun!


June 11, 2013


Back to blogging, we had a team building this last weekend’s somewhere in Laguna. Some activities there especially inside the adventure camp, need to put too much effort just to win those games wherein you’ll undergo through lot of long jump and act like Tarzan to cross different areas and avoid falling down in the dump. We didn’t have a warm up exercise before the real game that’s why maybe my muscles were shocked, forced and I felt hurt until I went home. My mom already gave me medicines and brought me to the specialist. I feel better now, I didn’t went to the office yesterday so what I did was just to sleep all day and restore my energy.

Right now, I’m still reading lot of manuals in my pc assigned to me. Frankly speaking, I’m already  bored on what I do but I still don’t have my 1 month stay here that’s why I still need to focus and avoid complaining. HAHAHA I’m still learning how to do the test matrices and to talk with my team as a group of friends. Yeah to admit the truth, its kind a hard to be in a group of older people because you don’t know what might they think about you, but not really because you’re working in the same company, same team and they’re the people whom you can ask when you have questions on the manuals and testing.

My phone was crashed and I don’t know if I really need to buy one but it’s not on my priority as of this moment. That’s why I just downgrade my phone and used other back up phones in our house. You might think I’m not that busy working here in the office because I’m still has the time to type and share what are the happenings about me. HAHAHAHA yeah that’s right I’m really not busy for now but if the project will come soon (our senior software QA said it’s between June and July) I still don’t know if I can update my status here from time to time in my blog. But I’ll make sure in some other time; I will still do post and type those happenings I remember.


4 Replies to “Moments in June”

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    1. Not that sure with the links you shared but yeah there are ways for you to have backup on your WordPress content and import it to your chosen platform. There are free sites online that you can visit but make sure to read some reviews first to avoid issues that you might encounter once you tried to access those sites. Also YouTube tutorials and how-to’s also give extra credit if you want to learn more how to import and switch your content to other platforms.

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