Friday Madness

So here’s another story to be told… it’s been a long time since I didn’t have much time to put another sharing moments here in this blog. Became so busy with my reports, tasks and any other things I want to work on with my life. Well, it’s quite strange because whenever I want to type something and post here, I’m becoming so lazy, maybe because I don’t have enough inspiration and courage to post something on which doesn’t even important to let anyone know.

It’s been months since the last time I visited this account, and still nothing changed. It’s still the usual blog I log on and type anything I want. (You know, just to share those emotions I feel inside… HA-HA quit dramatic/melodramatic).

Mostly of the time I post in this blog were just times that I can’t sleep and hard to move on. (HA-HA “move-on”? What with this word by the way?). I missed the old times, just doing some research, liking, sharing, re-tweet HA-HA just surfing and blogging around. I maybe not look so sporty but I can do surfing for almost more than 12 hours a day. If and only if this is needed, regarding to project, assignments and tasks I can’t do alone so I asked help with the internet.

I have pending books that I need to finish this month but I don’t think I can finish them all since I still have some other tasks to do. So if ever I just have some spare time, I read some pages for me to be still updated about the story. I’m not that strong enough to let you know the titles of those books since some guidance are advised HA-HA.

While typing, I’m still thinking of other things, stories or whatever they are that I want to share. (I don’t know if there’s someone really do drop by in this page and read every words I typed). I went to the mall this past 8 hours; I’m quite bored so I decided to watch movies instead. There’s a long line in the counter of those ticket booth so I still waited for my turn to be assist with those cashiers in the booth until suddenly, a guard or (what should I call to this person…) somewhat assistant in the movie booth told me that there is another booth on which I can buy the same ticket without passing to those huge line. He said that I should follow him, so indeed, I follow him and the rest of those in my back who also want to buy their tickets. I’m thinking where will he bring us, but there, it was the cinema main office.  I got my ticket so fast without any without further ado. Other people also got their tickets but still some just wait for their chances in long line. With this, I started to realized, why people still insist to do the hard way, if they can do the easy way. (I hope you know what I mean…). It is like letting yourself feel the pain if you can have the time to let go, move on and try what is easy. (HA-HA … just another epic story).

So back to what I experienced a while ago, since I already got my ticket for the movie, I still have some 30-minutes to wait. While waiting, I thought to eat first (well, actually I’m not alone… HA-HA I ‘m with my siblings at that time). I walked around the mall with my siblings to find some good food/resto to eat, since its holiday; there is only small space for us while other restaurant was already full and occupied. So we went upstairs and still we encountered lot of people but there, we found some space. We ate and after that we went back to the cinema. Were 5-minutes late and the show was already running. We didn’t have that chance to watch the first scenes but we can download it soon on the internet HA-HA. While in the cinema, we tried to find some seats. There were some allocated space but it’s so hard to watch movie in front. So we just decided to stand and seat at the aisle way since there were also some do that way (were just following HA-HA). We had some hard time while watching since some go in and out maybe to buy some food, go to the comfort room or answer emergency calls.

The movie still have another part to be wait since in the book it’s a series and to release it in a movie, producer and director still need to spend some time and budget but overall, to the movie we watched on this day. It was amazing! Awesome! HA-HA.

After watching the movie, I never thought that my friends will be there too but they didn’t watch a movie, they just go walk around and buy some food. So with my siblings, we went at my friend’s location in the mall and go bonding with them. I don’t know what’s wrong with my friend since she’s linking me to her another friend. (Maybe, because she knows that I’m in a complicated relationship HA-HA). I’m just saying “OK” and nodded to whatever she said when it comes to that topic.

We plan to watch a basketball game after that but the tickets was already sold out so we just went home and go on our own way. When we went back home, we bought donuts to our parents, for them not to be so mad because it was already late. Then the rest happened were just the normal and typical way happening in the house (watching some dramas on the television, talking about those scenes and doing our own stuff). I went to sleep after that then just some 3-4 hours of sleeping, I was awaken and I felt that I can’t sleep again so I just decided to ate the leftover donuts we bought and back to the top of this stories I shared, I just typed what happened to me this past 8 hours HA-HA.

I don’t know if should still believe that if you can’t sleep, someone is thinking about you or worst someone is watching you HA-HA, strange if you’re alone HA-HA (like right now, I’m alone while typing this new article). My phone started to alarm; well I really set the alarm because I need to wake up my younger brother for his Saturday class. There still some stories I want to share but I’m still thinking how to type it and be readable in a nice way. I know you feel bored while reading this, HA-HA I don’t know even to myself if what is the reason why I’m also doing this. But then again, it’s nothing. You know, just everyone creative imagination want to be shared HA-HA. Until next time, enjoy reading. 🙂


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