Well I . . .

(26 June 2012): Well I’m here in the office. New office I mean since I’m working before somewhere in Shaw Blvd., it’s a recruitment firm but I’m part of those software development team. I used to do some project and codes as what the company ask and wants to update their system. But I’m still planning to look for other companies which has something to do for my career growth. I don’t know what stuck in my mind and go ahead then work on that office but after 1 month of being there, I used to know some of the employees traits and the new hired OJ T’s which are now employees of their company. I do learned lot of things there but when another company contact me I didn’t hesitate to attend the interview right away. I didn’t know if what I said to the interview was right or wrong since I’m not used on those kind of stuff the interviewer said like networking on PCs, LAN’s and lot of IP Configuration but thank God because after a few hours of interview they hired me to be part of their OJ T’s. Now I’m here working on the GUI team. I know some employees here since they’re the people whom I used to talked to even before in school. I will be staying here for 6 months and I hope that behind those 6-months, there will be a progress and that progress of mine must be done by me since I’m the one who do my task and responsibilities. Only thing that still doubt me is when I don’t have anything to do, there’s a moment I don’t know what should I do and times maybe I’m just doing this because there’s more privilege this company given to me than before. so I just continue reading, searching new stuff to learn and then I install it since the company offer as laptops and PCs, some of it were how to create applications in Android and Windows Phone OS. I read new stories about what happening also around the world on which I don’t really do before ha-ha anyway, whatever it is, what I need is a motivation to strive hard on this career. I need to free my memory this time and focus ha-ha yeah just the same on what Jackie Chan said to the karate kid in that movie (Karate Kid 2012) let’s see what will happen next on those months remaining in my schedule. Since I already got my 1st month allowance. ha-ha enjoy-enjoy.

(29 July 2012): Here’s another day of misery once again. Ha-ha now actually not misery but I really just don’t know how I feel now… when I’m started to look at you. I know its crazy…. but here’s my number so call me maybe ha-ha no. No just kidding. I just can’t stop.. I think I’m LSS on this track of Call me maybe. I’m starting to think far from those I’m thinking before wait what does my mind really think right now? It’s maybe just the effect of sleeping in the office because of too much load works being done this week. Anyway, tomorrow is Saturday I can sleep all day… note if and only if I want to sleep longer than 8 hours at that day ha-ha because I received an email about my part-time work… there it goes I remember I need to save money since I bought lot of stuff within this month. But what should I do? I don’t know who should i ask to go with me tomorrow on that place. I ask my sibling but she has a class during Saturdays..  aw maybe i should see some option before that day came.. and I hope those jobs that will be needed will suit to my skills ha-ha just wondering. Good bless to me. ….. [back to work]

Just waiting for the time to go home and after this, I need to take a rest for a while. I’m done browsing in my iPhone. There I’ve seen some post on which I don’t know why… it’s just that, why should I feel hurt when there’s nothing really between us or maybe I’m just jealous… ahhed why should I get jealous about it. Because they became a sweet couple? Okay then congrats with them ha-ha wait i’m not being bitter when I’m started to type this words. I just feel ahhed i don’t know. I can’t really explain either. Nah I just need to take a nap. Read mangas or watch anime series later. … but for now… [back to work]

Here’s another story I want to share. I just can’t control my temper on what I see in the office. This can be an old story to others but for me this is my first time I met it. Ha-ha on those weekdays, I spend the lot of my time in the office. Doing the task given to me about networking and lab management. It’s nice to work and bonding with them but not with others employees. They do back stabbing with others. “Plastic” can even be the term to those kind of employees. Maybe they’re just insecure but they don’t do some crazy things on me, they actually treat me right and special but when those others guys were not with them that’s the moment …

(26 September 2012): I’m still finishing my time here in the office. Well I don’t really know until when exactly since I’m planning to extend my last 6-months in the office. But for some reasons im still having problems and can’t explain feelings when I work on my task. There were some time that I caused too much trouble on the company, they’re been planning for my suspension and to be expelled. I just do some fine reasoning but I don’t want to tell any lies at all. I’m still being true to the company on some other ways. I hate the fact that I was in trouble like now I experienced my chair to have some damages. Maybe on the next day when I came early, I will switch the chairs on the other cubicle lol im on my trouble cause act again.  Only few days remaining and we will have now our sports fest on Friday. Some of my schoolmates / office mates are going to practice their perfect strike. Of course for those days of practicing you’ll already paying too much. I don’t want to waste money if there are some chances that you can still go on practice on that exact day before the game. I’m one of those committee that’s why i knew already what the game would be and its mechanics. But its their choice, they have the lot of money, they can afford it. Then let them enjoy what they’re doing. 😀

I took my lunch already. Yeah but inside me, I’m still nervous on that moment I actually deleted some of the important files in the repository. I don’t know why I did that. I opened all the excel files and no other files were there. So I just copy and paste then remove the old formats. Just like I did on the photos we had with my classmates. I don’t know what really happen. I just cut and paste the photos in my desktop then there I start the editing so that I can upload it right away but when I started to save them all they became gray. Somewhat error came and I can’t undo the format they have before. I don’t know what’s in my mind why I didn’t just copy them first then check the files when they’re edited so that if I met some error, I have my back-up files. I’m out of my mind as always. I don’t know, maybe because I don’t like to hear anything from stupid people. I keep on typing here while listening to them and there it goes I don’t know what should I type here next. I didn’t receive any emails too that’s why I don’t know what task will be the next thing I will do. I’m still thinking on those excel files I made, to what ive done to them. But in the other part of my mind, those people who create some files in the repository maybe they still have some copies on their desktop. They can still edit the excel files I made on the repository. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh but still I don’t know. Now there’s someone who’s chatting with me now. I’ll just go back, typing again on this crazy scenario if I experienced something new and when I feel i want to shutout whats on my mind.

Another day in the office, and its the 3rd week of this month. I hate this feeling of being sick for this kind of scenarios. I don’t know what should I do about this things and it really bother me so much about everything. I’m wishing, actually also hoping to have another chance to be extended for quit sometime in the office since next year will be my next and last semester and after I passed all the subjects in that term,  I’ll be graduated next year also. What else? Of course to look for another job. Anyway, I’m stilll thinking of some other things to try. Wait need to go back first on my work…


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