Self – Portrait without … –> Self

Hello everyone! Yeah It’s me again. Your blogger neighborhood ha-ha-ha 😛 Anyway, this could be my last entry for now but still I will post some new entries here if I’m not busy with my schedules.

My topic today is about me. Yeah Me! Definitely Me! Lucky Me! ha-ha-ha 😀 But the few difference with this is that, I didn’t include myself in those pictures that I will show to you later. The challenge, then, is to tell the reader or viewer about myself via photographs of objects, places, moods, situations, and or people. Ready? Let’s Start!


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

If your already done looking at those pictures above then you can describe me based on them and of course you can post them on the comment section below so that I can explain or briefly discussed to you what you think about me. Thank you! 🙂


Author: Akuma Geijutsu

Studied BSCSIT - SSE at Asia Pacific College stradmore! :D 2nd life! "Early to bed, Early to rise!" XD im krsnik a vampire that drinks other vampire bloods

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