Portrait of the Other

Code Name: The Slasher

Age: Range from 50-60’s

Bio: She is a dress-maker for almost more than 50 years. Her husband was died last September 15, 2010 because of liver cancer and now that September 2011 is near to come, she and her existing family will prepare food for the 1 year death anniversary of their dad. When she was young she already know how to face the difficulties in life about to their financial status and family matters. She still enjoy life no matter what happen. When one time, her auntie decided to asked her to live in Manila and study there. Her mom and dad agreed to her decision since she also want to experience the life in Manila and the beauty of an urban area. In lieu of going to Manila she must also need to work as a baby sitter of her auntie’s baby and take care of  her auntie’s house. Her auntie knew that she is also great in dress making so after doing all those task that her auntie’s given to her and continuing her studies in secondary level, her auntie and her uncle decided to give her a dressmaking equipment. She didn’t finish her studies because of lot of works assign to her. So she just decided to go on with her studies and continue to what she have now, being a dressmaker.

Her uncle knew lot of people in Manila and their families have a connection with the armies of the Philippines. One of her uncle had a problem because his business became bankrupt so he decided slasher (codename of our subject) to takeover and continue the started business, the Restaurant. After long months working as a Manager of her uncle business, the Restaurant increased sales and earn lot of money. Slasher still continue being a businesswoman. While she’s not around on their restaurant, she is in her another business. She is on her dress making shop. Still lot of people visited her shop because of her skills in doing different kind of clothes. So when she reached the age of 19 she already have 2 businesses that she handles.

She found her husband in the field of Forces. Specifically, Philippines Air Force. There she had three children and established a new dressmaking shop near in their house. She knew that college fees are expensive and her children courses are exorbitant so she work abroad as a dress-maker. She and her husband work hard to earn for their living and after all those hard works they overcome their needs. But when her children already reached up their professions and started to earn money also,  for some reasons, her 2 children died. She didn’t know why God need to do that to her and to her family but still she didn’t forget God. She and her husband continue to live and enjoy life. Her only one daughter left, in exchange had three children also. She and her husband became good grandparents and spoiled sometimes their grandchildren. It just so sad because her husband died last year (2010) but her daughter and her grandchildren were still there to continue the beauty of life.


While I’m talking and asking some questions to her, our conversation looks like just an ordinary talk. A usual talk on which such as you and your parents talk about when you ask money for your school. But when I analyzed her life about the statements she gave to me, I learned that life is just isn’t how you carry out something or recognizing your name for what you’ve done but it’s about how you give time for you special love ones because life is short and you don’t know if they will always be there for you in the end.

After I submitted a consent letter to her to informed that I’m going to do this project, at first she was in doubt but when she read what is inside the consent letter (“It will be look like a story in Maalaala Mo Kaya with pictures”) she agreed in the end. And so, I take some pictures of her but because of private life that she still want to emphasized, I still hide her identities and continue with my task.

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