Masterpieces in Motion

It was raining so hard but still the concert of masterpieces in motion that was held last Friday night at the Aliw Theater can never stop. It was a special back to back ballet concert featuring Ballet Manila

and Singapore Dance Theater

which were presented by Ballet Manila, Bank of Singapore International Private Banking, Manila Broadcasting Company (MBC) and Aliw Theater.

Lisa Macuja – Elizalde who is a Prima Ballerina and the first Philippine ballerina, and first foreign soloist who ever joined the Kirov Ballet in 1984 was also there since she is the Artistic Director of Ballet Manila and Vice-Chairman of the Philippine UNESCO National Commission. She was also the Commissioner of the National Commission on the Role of Filipino Women. Macuja-Elizalde is also Directress and faculty member of the Ballet Manila School – a training center for ballet professionals who are steeped in the Russian Vaganova method.

The stunning performances of the ballet had a non-stop clap from the audience. That night was the Premier Night of the Masterpieces in Motion and mostly the ballet dancers from Singapore Dance Theater released their original stunts. They performed their ballet talents and amazing acts. More trivia about the Singapore Dance Theater (SDT)  it was founded in 1988 by Goh Soo Khim and the late Anthony Then. Under the directorship of Goh Soo Khim, SDT has developed into a premier professional dance company that has grown from seven to 24 dancers. Over the years, the Company performs five to six seasons, including the widely popular Ballet Under The Stars (BUTS) at the Fort Canning Park.

The Repertoire which may mean repertory, a system of theatrical production and performance scheduling are composed of the following:

Allegro Brillante

Choreography by George Balanchine

Staged by Else Borne

Music by Peter IIylich Tchaikovsky

{Piano Concerto in E Flat Major, Op. 75}

The ebullient Allegro Brillante, George Balanchine once said, “contains everything I know about the classical ballet — in thirteen minutes.” The ballet is set to a single movement by Tchaikovsky, the planned forst movement of his never-completed third piano concerto. Choreographed in 1956, Allegro Brillante demonstrates the dramatic possibilities inherent in pure dance when coupled with Russian romanticism of Tchaikovsky’s score.

Love Beyond Goodbye

Choreography and Concept by Manuel Molina

Costume and Lightning Design & Concept by Manuel Molina

Music by Josh Groban

A love that is true and immortal…


As Above, So Below

Choreography by Edwaard Liang

Music by Tomaso Albinoni, Bach, and Vivaldi

Loosely based on the Buddhist notion of  “bardo” – the world between heaven and earth. It expands on the idea that was first explored in “Distant Cries”, a pas de deux created for New York City Ballet in 2005. The new work goes further in creating a larger universe of wayward spirits and souls, and seeks to capture the essence of  “bardo” and develop an emotional expression of dance language.


Choreography by Agnes Locsin

Music by Fagher

An interesting and exquisite pas de deux about spiders mating. BM’s modern piece entry to the 5th Helsinki and 10th Moscow International Ballet Competitions, and to the 5th Nagoya International Ballet and Modern Dance Competition. This choreography is also performed in BM’s US Tours of 2004 and 2005.


Choreography by Agnes Locsin

Music by Joey Ayala

An Eagle soaring… This solo was commissioned by Ballet Manila for its contemporary solo variation for the New York and Tokyo International Ballet Competitions in 2003.


Choreography by Augustus Damian III

Music by Peter IIlyich Tchaikovsky

Designed in the great tradition of the grand pas de deux but still very much committed to the neo-classical signature of the choreographer.


Choreography by Stanton Welch

Music by Ross Edwards

A series of pas de deux and pas de trois for 10 dancers. The piece depicts the process of  “unveilling” that takes place when individuals get to know each other better: as people become familiar with one another, “they take off their veils”, so to speak. They “undress” themselves spiritually, as well as physically.

For 30 July 2011, Allegro Brillante will be replaced by

Concerto Barocco

Choreography by George Balanchine

Music by Johann Sebastian Bach

Thought by many to be Balanchine’s signiture work, revolutionary in that it was instrumental in inspiring 20th century neoclassical ballet.

It was ended with a loud around of applause from the audience. That was also my first time to watched Ballet Live and to see the performers personal. I really enjoyed the show and the ticket because we had the chance to change it to Ride-All-You-Can at Star City located beside the Aliw Theater.



Ballet Manila Magazine


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