What is/are your favorite show or movie?

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When it comes to movies, I loved Harry Potter 1 – 6 by J.K. Rowling and Twilight by Stephenie Meyer while Will Time Big Time and Are U Kidding Me in T.V. 5 shows. I also watch other shows in other channels some of it are from Disney Channel, Animax, Myx, MTV, KBS and National Geographic Channel. Whenever there are new series, shows or movies of harry potter sequel that will release, I really can not wait to watch it on cinema or when I don’t have enough money to buy for that ticket I always try to download the movie on torrent same with Twilight since me and my classmates even in ACT (my course before) we always do our habit to watch twilight even we are so busy, we still find some time to watch it and enjoy the movie together. The reasons why I loved those movies are because they are one of my favorite movies I usually want to watch over and over. Their scenes were very fascinating and even the story are seems to be like . Even though there are no vampires and even witches, still their story have it own fiction and own style that you can relate with. Another from the shows, the reasons why I liked to watch those sitcom or reality show and anime is because they give entertainment to the viewers. Like on Will Time Big Time, Willie gives opportunity to others and he even captures the taste of the Filipino viewers. I loved anime so I watch some of the anime series on Animax they also airing some of the new Korean and Japanese songs like on KBS – The Korean channel.  I also want to watch Korean dramas when I don’t have any choice to watch on our sky cable gold subscription. I’m not use to watch news maybe if it’s required or when I need to be updated for some others happenings on our country.  Myx and MTV are also on my list of favorite shows because I loved to listen to music’s and be updated to the new music’s of my generation. Disney Channel is also listed on my favorite show because I like to watch Phines and Ferb and other Disney Channel Original Movies. I even included National Geographic Channel because I want to see some of the not so seen images and videos that were captured before and other animal life cycle.

I really enjoy a lot of my time when I’m sitting on our sofa while watching those shows or movies because I feel I’m relax and in good mood because it take away my stress and have my time for a while.


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