Beauty and Ugly

Visual Images:

Image 1: The River Waterfall Nature in Siquijor Island at the Philippines helps the economic somehow increase the tourism and keep pace to other wonders of the world.

Image 2: Homes line a polluted canal in Manila, Philippines. This water supply is definitely dirty and most likely infected.


While I’m working on this assignment, there were lots of creative images come up on my mind. Some are faces and looks of a person while others are based on nature then suddenly after I browse some of those pictures on the internet I ended up with these two pictures. What does beauty really mean? Is beauty in the eye of the beholder? Others define beauty as that which brings enjoyment to the person who looks or contemplates. It defines subjective properties as properties that must subjects of the right sort to make a difference. But to be specific beauty is a characteristic of a person, animal, place, object, or idea that provides a perceptual experience of pleasure, meaning, or satisfaction. What does ugly means? Is ugly how much make up you wear? Is ugly how pimples you have? Is ugly is you have freckles, or scars? Is ugly whether your eyes are blue or brown? Is ugly pale skin, or is it if you brushed your hair in the morning? Is ugly if you brush your teeth? But as we move on especially on our real meaning of beauty and ugliness we also include our ethical feelings. The reason why I chose that picture in image 1 is because it has positive values that falls under the meaning of beauty and the image I inserted in image 2 has negative values which fall under the meaning of ugliness. People who are behind the image 2 are maybe ugly, ugly not in physical traits but inside. They can carry to live in this kind of situation. Even the Government were also ugly too because they forgot their responsibilities to help and build a better living for those poor people and to lessen the puberty .But we can not really avoid this kind of scenarios since this can never stop since how many decades past still this happened. Go back to image 1; I prefer to choose this because it also suits my taste. Art is related to the taste of the human. If the human doesn’t want that art then maybe he or she doesn’t like that image and mention, perhaps, should be made of taste, a term in common use, indicative of that within the mind enabling one to recognize an artistic effect, and to judge in some way of its quality. Taste, Standards of, in Art (it see also Criticism, Effects of, and Standards of Criticism).  Moreover, it has a good and nice view of artistic art. I can see one of the wonderful natures here in our country. To add more information From: Ugliness and Beauty is combination of qualities, as shape, proportion, color, in human face or form, or in other objects, that delights the sight…; joined qualities delighting the other senses, the moral sense, or the intellect… ”The physical and the moral are equated: the one IS the other. Beauty = good: physically and morally delightful. Ugly, however, = evil, bad. These two equations join our usually invisible and unrecognized cultural aesthetics, especially as they apply to people: U = E and B = G. (The second binary is the converse: that evil is ugly and good is beautiful, but that is for another day). I plan to put this on my blog too at so that others can post their comments and relate their own art appreciation on my assignment.


River Waterfall Nature Siquijor Island Philippines


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