Here I am again… yeah definitely im here again on my blog. did you miss me? ha ha i never thought that you will miss me for once in a while because you… you really dont know me right? ha ha ha well i guess its better to keep quiet but how am i going to zip my mouth or hide my ideas if i cant control my emotion from the start :D
there wee some things happened to me tonight and its about me and my parents. i dont know if im still going to continue this part saying what mistakes i had but well its better to share than to have a heart problem in the end

i was scolded. yeah its totally freak me out. so i said something that i must not say to them, i even exchange opinions and always reasoning on what they said to me. i know im in the good position to do that but still at the end i realize im wrong to do that after all.

they are sometimes busy on their own way. on their work and other duties. yeah so when im in our house with my siblings… they will not be able to see what im doing. if i clean the mess what my younger brother done. wash the dishes on which my younger sister forgot to do and other things i fixed whenever there were something wrong or if i need to prepare food for our lunch or dinner. my parents wont able to see that if there are not here in our house.

and still when there is food brought to me by my other known neighborhood they ate it a lot. but thats my choice, just give it to my parents because whenever they bring something i was the first one to open it and taste it ha ha ha

thats me!

then tonight i dont know what am i supposed to do when all my emotions screwed out. i just went to my room and cried there. yeah while thinking the few minutes they said to me. i locked my room and never opened it when they plan to knock on it. maybe they want to see what happen to me. if i plan to do something different ha ha cut my life maybe… but i never do that on my entire life. planning to commit suicide.

i stopped crying when i realize maybe its my fault too. i always except myself on bad situations they said where in sometimes i also do that ha ha what i mean was sometimes i forgot to use the stock oil used for cooking and just open the new one.

now i still dont know if im going to say sorry or whatsoever. if i will just keep quiet and never react on what they all say… not really on what they say ha ha only when they scolded us. i will just keep on listen and say yes mom. yes…. never ending yes :D
what if you are in my situation? ha ha of course lot of teens also experienced that. because that will also be the way for them to grow independent and be good in other way.

now there is another story im going to share. yeah this previous months or maybe weeks. its just that i forgot to blog it here in my friendster blog (the only blog i used a lot) ha ha ha :D
it was about the thing i will never forget. i dont know if i already posted it here. but it was something about my phone. i dont know why they keep on calling me (unknown persons like: friends ha ha ha) but still when i have a chance, i answered it and talked with them. there were nothing to talk about so much but it last until midnight or morning ha ha i really dont know whats my voice have. sometimes i tried to record it but theres nothing happen. its still the same. or maybe i just feel the same.

but im getting used to it. there were times im the one whose calling them and talked with them as usual. we change ideas, talking about love then … asking about each other relationships. i dont give any reactions or opinions on my life status because i dont know them but they were the one whose like trusted me so much. maybe i just felt they trusted me then the truth is that they also make their own trip ha ha ha never mind lets just forget what im talking about :D
another day will come tomorrow… yeah yeah yeah of course it will be another day ha ha what do you think?

i dont have class tomorrow but me and my classmates will practice our finals in ballroom dancing ha ha when my professor teach us the basic way of dancing ballroom. it was really my first time then now i feel like i want to know more about ballroom and how to dance other part of it.

but on monday will be our last ballroom discussion after that here comes the street dancing. i love street dancing. i just remember how we won on our last tournament with other schools in Villamor Air Base, Saint Therese but that was on my 4th year HS era. ha ha ha we were in 2nd place. i dont know why 2nd? ha ha

our street dancing this year will be in college competition yeah because im already a 2nd year college student ha ha :p we will dance with some modern, techno, hip hop and pop dance combination good luck on us! :D


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