i don’t understand myself… yeah it totally digs me out. i already scheduled my time on what im going to do this day. i thought that my copy of document in my sibling flash drive was still there. but when i opened it… holla! it was already erased. i try to find some of my back-up copy in my own storage device even in my extracted files… i opened one of those files that i saved but it was corrupted. now i search my classmates in my fb and in ym but no one is online tonight. now i don’t know what am i going to do on my assignment. ha ha ha i really thought that all of my scheduled plans will be perfectly working but a big NO appeared … :(
i open my eclipse… my working station. my workspace on creating java files and project, etc. yeah because im a programmer. but not a professional programmer but i can hack your profile if you want ha ha ha

i save some of my saving files there. just trying if i can still run the program that has given to ask to do but sad to say… naaahhh! it seems like i cant finish that this whole night. it was really my fault. if i just do that earlier or yesterday i will not cramming tonight. hu hu i really feel sad and awkward but what can i do maybe i will just go early tomorrow in school to finish that because ive already created mostly of the task. yeah definitely! i must go early tomorrow in school to finish that :D
another problem that i encountered was this phishing fb ha ha ha yeah im one of those people or simply hacker in the community simply doing this. but don’t say it to others. i just also learned it from the experts ha ha. i tried to do my own phishing but after a few minutes of hacking other sites there was a problem appeared. and my site was temporarily suspended… haaaayyy.. :( maybe they knew that i just used there domain site for that strategy ha ha ha

im going to sleep now. ha ha im just planning to sleep so i can wake up early tomorrow and do that assignment in school. but every time im still thinking if i can still finish that i can sleep. i can not sleep….

tomorrow will be our last discussion in ballroom dancing…next will the street dance class. so simply it means that tomorrow will be our p.e too so i will wear our p.e. uniform. hope the guard in our school don’t give me any violation slip or else it will add to my penalty ha ha ha good luck to me tomorrow… hope he or she (i don’t know if the guard will be he or she :D) ,the guard don’t notice me wearing our p.e. uniform because i know its not allowed ha ha ha what a silly student like me to be studying there

now im going to do another schedule of my plans. so i will leave you for now. until next time…when i catch your attention to read my blogs :D
oh by the way.  if you want to buy computer table or 2nd hand used fax machine (printer.fax.copier) you can go and visit this site:

copy the link above or if there’s a blue link appear just click it.

here’s another one. the phishing site that i told you. you can visit it here:

just what i said earlier. copy the link above or if there’s a blue link appear just click it.

ha ha ha happy phishing :D (ssshhhh… don’t say this to everyone. you can pm me if you want to ask for more info about hacking :D)


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