Definitely Maybe

Well I used to do some blogging since I entered college. The blog that I usually used was but since friendster decided to change their website into more gaming social networking site, all my blog files were lost especially the poems that I created and even everything that I used to put there when I was alone or I have something to share. I can not blame myself if friendster really wants to change their environment settings but the documents that i submitted already in their site was really lost. I can not post some of it here because i already deleted some of it in my back-up saving device. How sad… 😦 maybe its my karma after all for having a crook behavior before ha ha even until now i think… 😀 well, that’s life. I can do my blogging again but in different blog site. And now, im here on wordpress.

I searched some of the blogs site usually some of my classmates used but when i ended up on this site: WordPress is on the Number 1 list. So i choose this site and now im creating my first post entitled “Definitely Maybe” ha ha 😀 isn’t its nice? Hope i can revive my old files so i can post it here. And this site will be my new blog to use until every chapter of my daily lifestyle 😀

3am.. another day later. But still im not sleeping and still typing. Continue typing whatever comes into my mind. Yeah i don’t know how can i explain this or figure it out but i can not really understand myself.. Maybe it’s because my old blog was deleted but i know that fact yeah it was really deleted and i have nothing to do with it. ha ha ah another idea.. Maybe it’s because someone deleted me also in someone’s site. Someone’s friends list. i don’t know what could be the best name for that feelings but i don’t know what’s the reasons why that person deleted me on that site. ha ha never mind still i don’t even share that person’s identity here. ha ha 😀 lets just leave it hanging.

I remember to check my blog on friendster (yeah, im really using it before so what the hell to you? ha ha) because we need to have our own blog so we can post some of our documents and reflection based on what we give on our art appreciation subject but sad because i can not use that old blog (Friendster Blog). But i don’t need to worry for that because wordpress is here to be my new partner in blogging ha ha and im happy for it even deep inside im still under pressure of many bad vibes came today ha ha

Need to log out for now. Blog with you later! 😀


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