Death Note poems collection

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(L to Light)
It’s yours to celebrate
This force that you create
To penetrate the hearts
Like apple cores
We’ll slice them paper thin
So nothing can crawl in
And hollow out the darkness
Of your soul
Patiently on display
The gods of death will play
And you are just a pawn
On their chess board
It’s sickening to see
What you can strive to be
When all that you amount to
Is no more,
And all because you got
A little bored…

(Light to L)
You chase to catch the vapors
That vanish before your eyes
But this truth is escaping
When will you realize
The fragility of your life
Dangling on a thread?
Though devils will not aid me
I’ll lean on her instead,
And by the time you realize
The futility of your fight
You’ll know only
True darkness-
For I will take your life.

Apples do amuse me
How crunchy good and juicy
I’ll stay here ’till forever
With apples as my dinner
And while the little mortals play
I’ll watch, and laugh at them all day
Isn’t it intriguing
What games we can create
When Light begins his schemeing
With Justice in his way?

The numbers slowly fading,
Vanishing from sight
Though one among them differs
This one is my Light
He holds his Death Note closely
So none can take a page
And those with evil in their hearts
Will die with every name
But someone does evade him
Oh, how he makes me mad!
He thinks my Light a criminal,
And that just makes me sad!
We’ll show him whose the winner,
We’ll make him see at last
That you don’t mess with Kira,
‘Cuz Kira messes back.

-got it from:

nice artwork so i put it also here in my site

Death Note Poems

The world is rotten
This I know
Sometimes I wonder
Should I go?
Try and find it
A Death Note
Rid this world
Of those who kill
Create a land
Built on fear
As they wonder
Is Kira real?

This one is about L:

L is working
Extremely hard
Trying to guess
Who we are

This one is about a shinigami (a death god) :

I have a shinigami
By my side
Who is enjoying

– this one was from:


The God of a New World.

Slay those

who have done wrong.

End lives

who ended others forcefully.

Make them die

with Heart Attacks.

Kira is God,

Kira is Law.

I am a worshipper.

I will serve the God

if it means giving up my life.

Use your power.

Cleanse this world

from evil.

Rid of those cursed people

who plot against you.


The Kira,

My Kira…………

Foolish people……

I AM KIRA!!!!!!!

– from:

Light: A Limerick

There once was a man from Japan,

Who wished he could rule all the land.

But achieving it was tough,

And investigations got rough,

…And so Kira’s legacy was put to an end.


If L had cake,

It would be great.

If L had pie,

He would be fine.

If L had sugar,

He wouldn’t ever bicker. (That is, if you don’t piss him off in another way…)

If L had tea,

He’d be peachy.

But if L didn’t

Have something sweet,

He wouldn’t be the

Nicest person to meet.

Love Note to Matt (I totally love him xD Next to L, that is…)



So tall, so secret, so quiet.


If your PSP was taken, you’d start your own riot.


Gamer all the time, a hidden heart you hide.


My feelings for you are locked up inside.


I wish you’d stay solo,

But I know…I know…

…You are in love with Mello.

The Feelings of Love and Hate (Misa’s POV…It’s also a little OOC.)

Writing names for him,

Down on that notebook of mine.

I have won his heart,

Or, very honestly, have I…?

All day and all night,

He attempts to hide our work.

Do I just work for him?

Is he really just a stupid jerk?

I love him dearly,

Oh how I love him so.

But if he doesn’t truly love me back,

Wherever am I to go?

No home to return to,

No shinigami to watch over me.

If he wants to use me as a tool,

I shall release my silent fury.

…And that is to leave him.

I do not care if he kills me now.

He probably wouldn’t for his own purposes.

Ode to Near (In some person’s POV other than mine…)

White hair and sleeping clothes,

So you are the one that Mello loathes.

You play with your toys while working oh-so silent,

I wonder why you aren’t very violent.

Your intellect is almost of your former housemate, L.

In his footsteps, you will do just as well.

The childish stance, your serious face,

Your mind would be a terrible thing to waste.

And so, I end this pointless ode about you.

It’s too bad you don’t feel the way like I do.

What Does He Truly Feel?

The world wonders about Kira,

But then there’s ol’ Matsuda.

Who is, at heart, a nice detective,

But does he truly believe in Kira’s objective?


There’s Mello…Mello…Mello…

His hair is such a golden yellow.

Someone so tough outside,

He’d give some fan girl a possibly awesome ride, -koff-

…And yet he just bites the chocolate he’s holding in his hand.

He stands so proud and tall.

Black, tight leather just covers it all.

Hanging out with the mob,

Trying to do his job,

…But then he ends up DYING! Dude….


Ahh, Mikami,

You’re always trying to do good.

Attempting to prevail justice with your handsome physique,

Doing so well, as you should.

If he ever failed his master,

The consequences he shall face.

But all the names he had written down

Cannot ever be erased.

A follower of Kira,

One who would like a new world.

This journey has ended,

What a story this notebook has unfurled!

Okie dokie, time for some acrostic poems…since I can’t think of things to write for the rest of the people!

Ryuk’s Preferences

Red apples I like,

Yucky yellow apples I don’t.



Takada’s Reference


A certain

KIRA that

All the things you and I

Did was

Absolutely incredible, and possibly historical. (What could she be talking about…?) -koff-


Really? She just had to die so

Early…just for

Misa. She also just had to get rid of L…stupid Light.

– from:

A Death Note With Love

I wish u would love me,
For I always have u,
I have watched you from afar always knowing u were there,
But also knowing u did not know me,

I regret doing what I have done,
But back then I did not know how u truly felt,
And even if u never told me how u felt for me,
I would always love you,

I am writing this now with tears in my eyes and a knife in my hand,
I love you ,
And knowing that you know that,
Is just as good as knowing u felt the same for me,

I shall die a romantic death with great pain and angust,
But as long as I know that u r reading this,
This death shall be quick and painless

With this note I pen your name
Your life and judgement non can relate
In my hands of this unworldly game
Through my pen I sign your fate
My eyes bear no mark
Of the horrors I bear witness
Yet  they seethed temptingly in the dark
Unravelling all my sanity
Unleashing all unforgiven madness
The unspoken power I now hold
Emanates my goal and dream
Pass the rays of silver and gold
Rushing all lives to the brim
How equivalent is my trade
The seat of God for a fate in enigma
To build a road anew over the already laid
Or step into the maze of quiet dilemma
Illuminated by the colors of the heart
My decision is entirely mine
Whether will I depart
From the original track and out of line
For now
I leave all worries behind
The closed doors of turning time
Looking ahead only to find
A crimson apple of Flesh’s crime.

Leaving you behind
Swallowing my dead and hollow screams
Emptying this scarlet heart
And putting it up in a string
Would you have it my hater
Now that your lover is getting gone
Tie my soul to your numbness
So what it’s beyond wrong

A life so unfair you have made me live
Now that i have seen my end
I can’t forgive
Repent my love
My spirit can haunt you never
Give me reasons why not
As even death can’t stop tears
flowing down like a river

Romance so defective
Yet, I tried not to escape
A mistaken chase
Yet, I never faked
This hopeless love case
and a suppressed broken heart
Soaked in gloomy tears
Bled till I fell apart

Photos don’t talk
They capture memories
Couldn’t you see trough these eyes
You were the reason
for all my tragedies

Now that I’ve gone
Do you miss me at all
Do you miss those bones and flesh
And miss when I waited all night for your calls?

Walking by your side
Floating over you
Never you can feel
What this girl had been through

My song so unprepared
My song so unclear..
Putting my heart up in a string of life beyond it exists
Wouldn’t you have it at all?
Come, get it repaired ………

To become the God of a new world created from those worthy of my judgment.
I am justice!
I am life!
I am God!
Those who disagree will perish from this world…
No, from my world!
For I am the almighty, the one who controls it all with one little notebook.
A scribble of a name,
A picture in my head,
No cause of death written,
40 seconds later…
They’re dead.


Here lies a single letter
Working only for the better
Yet even in death his plans he never aborts
So every morning he steals Light’s boxer shorts


Black Note
Kira’s reign

Haiku (Senryu)

A love of pure sin
A victory in the game
There is no winner


He left us there a world to carry on
A god, a hero is some legend
Till death sent him a journey far
Where his life and reign take end
Whispering wind calls him
Eyes open to life
Speak from still lips
Eyes so black
His love


Smart, Student
Sporting, Flirting, Studying
Dreamer, Believer, Ender, Killer
Cunning, Striking, Reigning
Godly, King


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